Eat Mapping

This mapping connects the history of Triennale, related to the concepts of innovation and quality with the idea of ​​food expressed by EAT and showed, in the form of allegory, the power of few good eating habits.

The Triennale is an institution attentive to new trends and excellence in the fields of art, design, film and fashion. Here debuted avant-garde artists and it celebrates the most important prize to good design.
Through a series of references , it was traced the history of progress and quality of Triennale put in continuity with the concept of food expressed by EAT.
Than it was represented the struggle between the bad and good habits.
In an environment dominated by a series of abstract, rigid and dark objects, some small organic shapes, inspired by the shapes and colors of nature (plants, vegetables and flowers), begin slowly to contaminate and interact with rigid bodies making them soft and colorful, suggesting that a few good habits and a little attention can generate radical positive changes.
The allegorical narrative is divided into four moments, each of which represented with colors, shapes and rhythms that evoke the four seasons of the year, promoting an idea of ​​the food strongly linked to seasonality.
At the end there is again a representation more architectural, theatrical, in which positive and bright colors leave the viewer a good memory of the experience.



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