And if only the luxury of a false nature

Marble kinetic installation for Marmomacc

By Alice Schillaci Development and production by Recipient Collective W 190 cm, H 240 cm, D 160 cm “And if only the luxury of a false nature leads far away. Far awayfrom what? From an idea. A stone cradle breathing gently as if in perpetual motion. So, when the ordinary is subverted where do our certainties end up? Engineering meets stone and the idea of the stone falls aside to leave space to interpretation. It is no longer important how we always perceived something but what we perceive the moment when we relive it. Stone as such is not brought into question but the idea we have of stone. A material so ancient and anchored to its history is here deprived of its more obvious qualities and reinterpreted in a new, fluid and delicate language.” Research and technological development over the years have resulted in the ability to cut marble and granite flat with a minimum thickness
of just 4 mm. One of the characteristics of these stone sheets, in addition to lightness, is flexibility. The slabs cut in this way seemingly negate their own natural quality, weight and immobility. If by definition stone is and remains a static and heavy material, here it becomes dynamic and lightweight, subjected to bending and consequently to movements. Using a motor connected to a sine structure, it was possible transmit wave-like motion to the slabs arranged in sequence, thereby highlighting their flexibility. The mechanism exploits kinetics to achieve fluid, almost liquid motion, in sharp contrast with the characteristics of stone. The installation resembles a solid wall that instead of meeting ordinary expectations is set in motion.



Sound Design