Luce Sibilla Balzarini

Producer extraordinaire, fine arts expert, fashionista. Not necessarily in the order.

Other endeavours:

Andrea “d0k” Ceccarelli

Rimini, IT // 1983

Developer, web strategist and tech addict

Martino “mandria” Coffa

Full time geek and global team manager, Martino’s field goes from Hardware, to video mapping and soundesign passing through many languages to develop the needed new protocols knowledge.

Germaine Colajanni

Animator/illustrator of the gang
she has a profound love for drawing, stop motion, motiongraphics and making stuff.

Davide Dell’Orto

the analogic side of the gang
model maker
workshop grandmaster and wise mixer

Giulio “Spyke” Denna

Digital XF Artist, motion designer and graphical visionary

Andrea “Hansen” Ghia

Milan, IT // 1982
it’s important give back what you take !
/* Really awesome coworker! */

Alessandro Inguglia

Born in Palermo – 1989
Electronic musician, sound designer and interaction explorer.
I love music, creative coding and the Mediterranean sea.

Ignazio Lucenti

1982, Ragusa. Does Motion graphics.

Davide “Tucano” Rambaldi

Technology addicted always in search for new limits to break through, head of the internal research team and new language evangelist