A collective space for awesome coworking

Here at Recipient’s Lab in Via Villapizzone 10, Milano, you can rent a desk or a room for one day or longer and get access to all the available facilities.

1 desk >> 130€/month 1 room >> 100€/day

1 guest room >> 30€/day

WIFI connection >> free little kitchen >> free makers lab  >> 50€/day,

mentoring of our team >> is priceless ;D

Last but not least you will have some really awesome coworkers! The lab often hosts exhibitions, presentations and workshops offering you cool opportunities every day.

Video Mapping


We develop spectacular video mapping and live set video, with real-time interventions and involvement of the audience. After years of experience in this field and endless research under our belts, we continue to push the boundaries, offering you the best innovative ideas for your experience. Not only we realise different solutions for clients such as Adidas, Samsung and Renault but we are also committed to explore the frontiers of 3d mapping, taking advantage of what new technologies have to offer us.

Research & development


We produce prototypes and technologies that can fit the needs of your startups, shows, researches or products. The process of finding software and hardware integration solutions, to then produce full prototypes through different technologies and fields, is one of our favourite challenges.  For installations particularly focusing on human and machine interaction, we customise the necessary hardware by producing electronics or utilising Arduino for software as well as using and developing open source programs.

User Experience Design


We are able to shape technology to your needs, ensuring you get the best of:

  • Visual Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability and Accessibility

We can collect user data to research and identify the needs of your target, to define the best interaction patterns. We also assess the strengths and weakness of your digital product, through the analysis of usability, accessibility and visual interface complaints, to reach the highest standards. We are always looking for innovative and original user experience designs, simple and intuitive, as we believe they are the key points for the success of projects where the user is not simply a passive observer but an engaged participant.

Digital Campaign


We develop digital campaigns using highly innovative technologies that engage the desired target. We can convey to the public ​your brand values through an interactive digital experience, integrated withsocial flows of 2.0 era that break down all barriers between online and offline in a seamless ensemble. We are young creative, digital artisans who are proud to create new and engaging systems that effortlessly convey your ideas to your users, so they can naturally accomplish the desired goal.



We hold technical and practical seminars that cover all the technology used for our activities, on the basis of the knowledge acquired and the continuous experimentation that enlivens the collective soul. We have already realized workshops and specific training for art school students, creative marketing offices and technology developers working for customers/festival like VideosoundArt as well as famous digital agencies.

Photo shooting studio


Our photographic studio offers 25 (5 m x 5 m) square meter area available for rent . State of the art equipment is also available to take your photo or video production to the next level: Canon 5D Mark II&III Canon 7D and lenses. Only to mention a few.

Makers Lab


We’re proud to offer a fully functioning makers lab, a community operated workspace where people dreaming of a better tomorrow can test, fix, hack, design and most importantly create. We have lived the benefits of collaboration and we know that the best results are achieved by working together and learning from each other. Our problem solving attitude is what makes the difference when identifying solutions for the realisation of prototypes. The lab serves as a network for makers, academics, local manufactures and designers, connecting them to the general public and creating a lager movement towards a smarter and more collaborative production.

Virtual Scenography


Having experimented alongside directors, designers and performers, we have developed technologies, software and hardware for the realisation of interactive performances suitable for theatre. We use sensors for capturing motion and work with techniques such as the “magic mirror”, which allows you to create holographic illusions mapped on the actor himself, thus creating an intese dynamic between the actors, the machine/technology and the viewer.

Sound Design


We have produced sound design for TV commercials, multimedia productions and interactive products. The composition of music with analog Synths and instruments that we manufacture are a fundamental and distinctive feature of our Audio/Video department. We can produce the sound that will immerse your audience in the atmosphere you wish to create for your exhibition or show, along with a full body of art work.

Audio Video Streaming


At the dawn of streaming technologies we are among the first to have launch an interactive online radio, where users could manage the schedule and programming the songs through a voting system. We are highly specialised in directing and editing your events and producing high quality online real time broadcasting.

Web Design


We shape digital experience on the web. Using adaptive technology, we can comunicate your concepts and identity consistently through mobile and desktop devices. We keep up to date with the rapidly evolving web technologies by continually experimenting in this field, so we can offer you products that are at the fore front of the latest trends. We develop corporative websites, e-commerce and original interactive experiences. With expertise in graphic design, skills in administrative procedures, we follow up till completion and online providing online technical support for both the server and the final user. Ask us for more, our team of ninjas is eager to do innovative and creative projects.